Field Trip Monkey

_DM30373Taking a break from all his ongoing remodeling projects, Kongo recently helped chaperone a couple of local field trips with the grand girls.  Monkeys LOVE  field trips, especially when they get to go with grand daughters.  (Kongo sits atop #1 granddaughter’s close friend on the field trip)

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_MG_7207All buffed up from summer swimming classes in LA, the grand girls arrived on the train yesterday to spend the weekend with Kongo.  There wasn’t a lot on the agenda except to play in the pool, cavort with all the monkeys in the house, break out the doll house, watch abut 50 episodes of “My Little Pony” on Netflicks, and eat barbecue.  What else could two four and five year olds want in life?  Above the five year old leaps from the edge of the jacuzzi into the deep end of the pool.

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“Over the river and through the woods…”

Actually, it’s more like take the 101 to the 405, then the toll road to I-5, and scoot down the coast to grandmother’s house but there aren’t that many rivers and woods in Southern California.  Nevermind that, the grand girls are coming for Thanksgiving and they will have a surprise waiting for them.  There’s a bit of a story here so please read on.  Continue reading ““Over the river and through the woods…””