Kongo Learns Spoons

Alissa (almost three) is the owner of Rabbit, Kongo’s best babe.  Here she teaches him the fine art of balancing a spoon on your nose.

Learn more about Rabbit here.  See all of Kongo’s movies on YouTube.

Travel safe.  Have fun.



  1. Scott,

    I tried to send you an email but the address that I have seems to be stale. Can you please send me the current one?



  2. This is SOOOOOO PRECIOUS………..but she’s gonna hate it when you show it to her friends at her “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party.


  3. Patrick

    Took me forever to get around to seeing this, but this is great!
    But what’s that music in the background?
    Not anything *I* loaded onto your computer… 🙂


    1. Actually I think you did. Have no idea. BTW, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you celebrated properly.


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