It’s Complicated

With Valentine’s Day only hours away Kongo’s world takes an unexpected turn.   First there was the tsk-tsking about Kongo meeting Rabbit in Los Angeles. This was followed by some serious “ahems” after a few getaway weekends where Kongo and Rabbit spent some “quality” time together.  Eyebrows went up after the East Coast Girls Like Monkeys post and some gentle readers wondered if Kongo might be stepping out on Rabbit.  And, of course, there was this “Mrs. Kongo” thing going on in the background that confused a lot of people.  But all of that was just gossipy tabloid grist and a monkey of Kongo’s fame learns how to deal with that.  But suddenly it gets complicated.  Really complicated.

“Missy” has now entered the picture.  Poor Kongo (or as all the gray backs in the troop chorused:  Lucky Kongo!).  He goes down for a nap (monkeys always take naps on weekend afternoons) and wakes up to find this totally sultry simian (I mean, just look at those eyes) sitting on his desk with a card of introduction like no other!

So what’s a monkey to do?  Stay tuned.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

2 thoughts on “It’s Complicated

  1. Only prudes and jealous people “tsk tsk” or “ahem” about those activities. Kongo should ignore them, or (better yet) throw some poop at them.

    And anyway, rabbits are famous for their promiscuity. Logically. Rabbits are famous for their multiplying. If they were monogamous, after about 6 months together they’d hate the very sight of their partner rabbit, so the multiplying would slow to a trickle. The multiplying does not slow down; it continues apace. Therefore, they MUST be promiscuous. Kongo has no cause for guilt regarding the rabbit.

    Monkey dudes don’t like change. They feel comfortable in what they know. But they also like to be liked. If Mrs. Kongo still makes him feel liked, then she has nothing to fear from some new monkey lass. It’s only if Mrs. Kongo takes him for granted, and doesn’t put effort into her relationship with him — only then would Kongo consider anything with this monkey strumpet. He just wants to be liked. If Mrs. Kongo doesn’t do that, then he’ll look for someone else who will.