A January Saturday On Fisherman’s Wharf

During a recent long weekend in San Francisco, Kongo visited Fisherman’s Wharf.  Sure it’s often cheesy, touristy, crowded, and generally over-the-top but it is part of the San Francisco experience that everyone should see when visiting the City.

The Wharf is always a great place to watch people, eat great seafood, see some strange sights and just have fun.  You will hear languages from all over the world.  You are tempted to buy a San Francisco T-Shirt, or a refrigerator magnet that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge, or have your portrait done by a street artist.  You can do all of these things or none of them and still have an enjoyable time.

During this Saturday, Kongo walked from the cable car stop by the Buena Vista to Pier 39 and back (a couple of miles altogether).  There were some cool, classic cars on the street, plenty of street entertainment, pedicabs, Segway scooter tours, and more.

3 thoughts on “A January Saturday On Fisherman’s Wharf

  1. Poor Konga, being dragged to Fisherman’s wharf. With all of the great areas of the city with good food, interesting stores and great architecture it’s unfortunate that he must visit the admittedly cheesiest part of the city. I disagree that everyone should visit there. Maybe for the people from Kansas but the rest should explore the truly interesting parts.