Sausalito Houseboats

On the start of a long weekend in San Francisco, Kongo flew into Oakland and drove over to Sausalito to do a little sight-seeing and time killing before checking into the hotel in downtown San Francisco.

While there, he visited the floating neighborhood in Sausalito where adventurous souls make their home on the water.  These aren’t just normal homes…these are homes that float.

Here are some of the more interesting places.  By the way, anyone can see these just by walking down the pier (park someplace close to Gate 5 Road) and just head out exploring.

Learn all about the houseboats and how to get there here.

6 thoughts on “Sausalito Houseboats

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    1. Oh, they are for sure still floating. Of course, some are in better shape than others. The good thing now (compared to 30-40 years ago) is that they all have sewage and electric and fresh water connected. Quite charming.

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