Sugar Shack Fix

So, Kongo spent three days helping Mrs. Kongo watch two granddaughters in North Los Angeles and was heading back to San Diego early today when he had a Sugar Shack attack coming off the CA 73 Toll Road.  Checking the clock, he realized he had just enough time for a quick stop at the Sugar Shack Cafe in San Clemente.

Kongo discovered the Sugar Shack one day when he and Mrs. Kongo were driving down the Coast Highway with the top down and got hungry.  Kongo loves those old-fashioned diners that are family owned, kind of seedy, and small.  They tend to serve up terrific breakfasts and lunches and Kongo has a hard time passing one.  (He also has a penchant for seedy bars (some would call them dives) but that’s another story altogether.

So, he jumped off the freeway, swung into the Sugar Shack and got one of their famous, unbelievably delicious, absolutely humongus glazed cinnamon buns to go.  (Don’t even think about the calorie count).  And for the next twenty miles past San Onofre and into Oceanside he munched his way through breakfast without dripping too much of the glaze.

The Sugar Shack, technically it’s Rose’s Sugar Shack Cafe sits on the El Camino Real in San Clemente.  Take the Cristianitos exit off Interstate Five and go to 2319 South El Camino Real.  It’s only a minute off the freeway with an easy on and off.  It’s about an hour north of San Diego and an hour south of LAX.  A perfect place for a break when you’re driving up and down the coast.

The staff at the Sugar Shack make you feel at home.  When they say “I hope you have a wonderful day” they sound like they really mean it.  The prices are cheap.  The food is great.  Once when eating breakfast there the owner confided that “a lot of stars stop by here.”  I’m assuming he meant stars like in Hollywood stars but Kongo has never seen any there but there are always mysterious people sitting around behind large sunglasses so you never know.

In any event, forget the stars.  The next time you’re in the area stop by the Sugar Shack for the great food and hospitality.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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