Mugged Monkey


One of those days.  Sigh.  Sigh again.  Everyone knows that Maui is like three time zones after the West Coast which in turn is three time zones behind the East Coast.  Kongo spends so much time on the East Coast that he pretty much just keeps EST wherever he is and that includes Maui so this morning at 3 AM local he was up taking pictures of the nearly full moon and then strolled around the property getting pre-dawn and sunrise photos before doing a few conference calls and heading out to the lava fields at La Perouse Bay.  He never made it there because three miles short of the lava good friend Brent called and said our house it San Diego had been robbed!

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Maui Monkey


So Kongo got Leid as he checked into his hotel this afternoon in Maui.  How did he get here?  Well, the house was getting tented for termites back in San Diego and he had to go someplace for a few days while the bugs got gassed so why not Maui?  It worked.  So now he is spending five days in paradise before heading straight from here to Florida for more work.

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Missy Finally Coming Home

Missy tries on the Chinaman’s Hat but it doesn’t fit

After a week in Maui and Oahu with Mrs. Kongo and Betty, Missy the Monkey is finally coming home to San Diego this evening (just in time to hit rush hour traffic after the Monday Night Football Chargers vs. Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium!).  But before she heads to the airport, Missy took a drive around Oahu to see what she could see.  Above, she monkeys around posing in front of Mokol’i Island offshore of Kualoa Point in Kane’ohe Bay, commonly knows as “Chinaman’s Hat” for its likeness to the straw hats that Chinese immigrants wore. Continue reading “Missy Finally Coming Home”

Goodbye Maui, Hello Honolulu!

Missy, Mrs. Kongo, and Betty head for the airport for the short flight across the Maui Channel to Honolulu.  As Kongo studies the picture from San Diego, he can’t help but notice that there appears to be an extra bag with Missy’s luggage.  Hmmm.  There must be a reasonable explanation about that ….Before leaving the Hyatt Resort and Spa in Maui, Missy plays with a few of the new friends she met during her visit. Continue reading “Goodbye Maui, Hello Honolulu!”