Goodbye Maui, Hello Honolulu!

Missy, Mrs. Kongo, and Betty head for the airport for the short flight across the Maui Channel to Honolulu.  As Kongo studies the picture from San Diego, he can’t help but notice that there appears to be an extra bag with Missy’s luggage.  Hmmm.  There must be a reasonable explanation about that ….Before leaving the Hyatt Resort and Spa in Maui, Missy plays with a few of the new friends she met during her visit.Missy cavorts with a Chinese goddess, penguins, her favorite duck, rides a horse and an elephant all in the lobby of the Hyatt hotel.  Quite a zoo for a monkey.  Kongo is impressed.

Missy chats up the goddess statue in the Hyatt atrium
African black-footed penguins. Who knew?
Duck riding
Horse racing
Taming the elephant

Missy, Betty, and Mrs. Kongo get to the Hyatt on Waikiki Beach and head straight for the pool which is right on the beach!  They have some tropical drinks, play a few rounds of BananaGrams (what else), and head out to Duke’s for dinner.  A busy but fun day.

Great pool location right on Waikiki Beach
Missy slathers on the sun protection. Banana boat, of course.
Playing Bananagram with Betty and Mrs. Kongo while sipping something with rum in it.
View of the beach as the sun starts to set.
Duke’s at Malibu is one of Missy’s favorite spots so she checks out the Waikiki version and finds that she likes that too. Imagine that.
Relaxing under a tiki torch. It’s a monkey’s life.

Travel Safe.  Have fun.

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