Monkeys Reunited

Kongo and Missy are reunited after Missy finally makes it home … at 3 AM after her plane was diverted to LAX due to a fogged in San Diego.  Missy, Mrs. Kongo, and Betty ended up renting a car, picking up a similarly stranded lost soul from Del Mar who had been trekking across India and Nepal for a month and needed a ride too, and finally making it home in the very early morning hours.  Poor Kongo, he had a conference call at 5 AM so he’s dragging a bit today. Continue reading “Monkeys Reunited”

Goodbye Maui, Hello Honolulu!

Missy, Mrs. Kongo, and Betty head for the airport for the short flight across the Maui Channel to Honolulu.  As Kongo studies the picture from San Diego, he can’t help but notice that there appears to be an extra bag with Missy’s luggage.  Hmmm.  There must be a reasonable explanation about that ….Before leaving the Hyatt Resort and Spa in Maui, Missy plays with a few of the new friends she met during her visit. Continue reading “Goodbye Maui, Hello Honolulu!”