Monkeys Reunited

Kongo and Missy are reunited after Missy finally makes it home … at 3 AM after her plane was diverted to LAX due to a fogged in San Diego.  Missy, Mrs. Kongo, and Betty ended up renting a car, picking up a similarly stranded lost soul from Del Mar who had been trekking across India and Nepal for a month and needed a ride too, and finally making it home in the very early morning hours.  Poor Kongo, he had a conference call at 5 AM so he’s dragging a bit today.

Missy brings Kongo a surprise from Hawaii…two Tori Richard® polo shirts with the monkey logo!
Missy shopping monkey shirts for Kongo in Honolulu

It’s good to have Missy home safely after all her adventures.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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