Binders Full of Monkeys

Kongo’s troop watched the presidential debates last night with keen interest and some discord.  Missy wonders aloud whether Kongo found her in a “binder full of monkeys,” Valentine (on the far right and in the top 5% banana bracket) cheered for more tax breaks for banana growers, Cheeks (far left) groused that he was made in China, and Sweetheart (to Missy’s right), incredibly, remains undecided thinking she will soon be picked for the next “undecided” focus group on CNN.  Kongo, recalling his recent conversation with the president at IAD quipped, “he listened to me!”

All the monkeys liked the hot pink dresses worn by the first lady and Mrs. Romney, presumably united in support of breast cancer research which is highlighted each October and they groaned aloud when the CNN anchors opined the possible fashion disaster of both women wearing the same dress….some just don’t get it.

Travel safe.  Have fun.  Vote on November 6.

9 thoughts on “Binders Full of Monkeys

  1. The First Lady wore a fitted dress and blazer ensemble that the Huffington Post reports is “Schiaparelli pink,” while Romney wore a textured capped sleeve dress in “Pepto pink.” Critics at the Huffington Post also wrote that the dress may be the most colorful thing the conservative Romney has ever worn.

    1. Well, Kongo reads the Huffington Post regularly but the fashion police who write there can get a little snarky. This monkey would never suggest any lady’s dress was “Pepto Pink” regardless of how much it looked like like it came out of a bottle. Kongo wouldn’t know if it was “the most colorful” thing she has ever worn but it was colorful. They both were.

  2. Are the monkeys wrong, or are they trying to make a monkey out of me? Wasn’t the first lady wearing a pinkish dress with black lace? And the replacement first lady wearing a floral? This is what my monkey told me. Not that he focused on this or anything. He remembers exactly what the men wore, two ties.

  3. Haha, awesome. I hope Sweetheart finally made up her mind and decided who to vote for, although it’s mystifying how she could still have been undecided this late in the game!

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