Blue State Blues

Kongo spreads out the latest campaign literature from today’s mail and tries to explain the issues in the upcoming election to the rest of the troop.  Actually, Kongo has already voted.  He went the first day early voting opened because he wasn’t sure if he was going to be in town on election day and it turns out he will be on an airplane next Tuesday heading toward Washington, DC.  He’s a clever little monkey. Continue reading “Blue State Blues”

Binders Full of Monkeys

Kongo’s troop watched the presidential debates last night with keen interest and some discord.  Missy wonders aloud whether Kongo found her in a “binder full of monkeys,” Valentine (on the far right and in the top 5% banana bracket) cheered for more tax breaks for banana growers, Cheeks (far left) groused that he was made in China, and Sweetheart (to Missy’s right), incredibly, remains undecided thinking she will soon be picked for the next “undecided” focus group on CNN.  Kongo, recalling his recent conversation with the president at IAD quipped, “he listened to me!” All the monkeys liked the hot … Continue reading Binders Full of Monkeys