Old Mission Dam Revisited


After a week of 12-14 hour days poring over spreadsheets, building PowerPoint presentations, and going through innumerable “What If” drills, the poor little monkey had had enough!  So, after a Saturday afternoon nap while waiting for the sun to move closer to the horizon, Kongo grabbed his camera, slapped on the 70-200 lens, and headed for one of his favorite spots close to home:  The Old Mission Dam in Mission Trails Park. Continue reading “Old Mission Dam Revisited”

Mountain Monkey

After getting up early to bid the blue moon goodbye, Kongo heads out to climb nearby Cowles Mountain, which is part of the San Diego Mission Trails Regional Park.  Cowles Mountain is a little more than 1500 feet above sea level and although the guides say it’s an easy hike, the climb up in 90 F heat was a bit tiring for this monkey although there were lots of younger people actually running up the mountain and down again.

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