Fair Monkey

Kongo loves county fairs. There’s something about hot, sultry August afternoons, the smell of cotton candy, the carnival barkers, and the crowds that makes the monkey feel right at home. The Ventura County fair is like that. It’s not nearly … Continue reading Fair Monkey

Monkeys on the Range

_MG_3782The monkey put on his boots, spurs, and duster and headed toward Eaves Movie Ranch yesterday afternoon for a photo shoot.  The ranch has been the set for several Westerns, including the Cheyenne Social Club, Lonesome Dove, Silverado, Every Which Way But Loose, and many, many, more.  Today Kongo’s National Geographic Photo Expedition Workshop got to work with models, learn about bouncing light, and get up close and personal with some real Western characters. Continue reading “Monkeys on the Range”