Yippie-i-a I’m Five

Numero Uno granddaughter turned five on Friday. So (of course) a day after traveling through nine time zones Kongo gassed up the car and slugged through late Friday afternoon LA freeway traffic to be there for when she goes on her first-ever-in-the-world horseback ride on Saturday.

Little girls often go through their “I love horses” stage and this one is no exception. She has been collecting toy horses, boots, cowboy hats (pink of course) and reading about them for what seems like half her life. No barns for her. She’s a stable girl all the way.


As a reward for making it to the ripe old age of five this one got an hour horseback ride through the wilds of the Dos Vientos Recreation Area in Ventura County just north of Los Angeles. A very hip, patient, and perfect guide strapped her into a child’s saddle on the back of Old Buck, instructed her on how to keep her new riding boots in the stirrups, put the helmet on her head, and led her to adventure. Kongo, Mom, and Dad trailed behind.

Grand girl kept up a non stop chatter stream with her new BFF leading her on the trail. They covered just about everything two cowgirls could discuss in an hour horse ride: favorite bug (butterfly), are there such things as purple horses, teachers names at school, and what language horses spoke. (These horses turned out to be Mexican horses so they spoke Spanish…if you wanted them to go fast you had to say andale!)

Kongo thinks there may be a pony in the future.

Travel safe. Have fun. Ride horses.


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