Sixth Sense


Kongo can’t recall his sixth birthday.  He definitely recalls his eighth because it didn’t end well when an actual fisticuffs melee broke out between the little monkey and his party guests over the placement of toy soldiers preparing to charge a mud mountain from whence they would be promptly mowed down with rubber band machine guns.  But when #1 granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday over the weekend at Legoland in Carlsbad, California he thinks it will be a birthday to remember.   Continue reading “Sixth Sense”

Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Kongo and Monkey Business Films put together another project where celebreties, family, and friends from ALL OVER THE WORLD come together to wish Jerry a happy 87th birthday.  So far, Jerry has six children, 12 grandchildren, and 9.5 great grandchildren and still counting!  There’s also a big herd of spouses and significant others.  Still counting!  This is why monkeys live in large troops in the jungle! See all the fun here.   Continue reading Happy Birthday, Jerry!