Sixth Sense


Kongo can’t recall his sixth birthday.  He definitely recalls his eighth because it didn’t end well when an actual fisticuffs melee broke out between the little monkey and his party guests over the placement of toy soldiers preparing to charge a mud mountain from whence they would be promptly mowed down with rubber band machine guns.  But when #1 granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday over the weekend at Legoland in Carlsbad, California he thinks it will be a birthday to remember.  

While both grand girls are, in this monkey’s mind, perfectly adorable little angels, the #1 granddaughter has always had a special bond with Kongo.  And the thing about this little girl is that it is almost impossible to take a bad picture of her.  Even as an infant she had an eye for the camera and always knew exactly how to look when the shutter snapped.  She is one of the most photogenic little imps you’ll ever run across as these images of her show.

_MG_3429 _MG_3343 IMG_3451 _MG_3006

Legoland is great fun for six-year olds and their younger sisters.  #2 turned four in April and that party was celebrated with a princess party in Los Angeles.  This day was opening to closing at Legoland topped off with a dinner at Benihana’s.

_MG_2726 _MG_3173 _MG_2896

Even when she’s cranky because she is soooo tired of waiting for Dad to bring back her hamburger for lunch, she takes a good picture.



And Kongo, like all six-year olds, sometimes pushes the limits.

So thanks for indulging the monkey in his braggadocio post about grand girls and birthday parties.  He hopes this one is remembered!

Travel safe.  Have fun.

5 thoughts on “Sixth Sense

  1. Your grand girls are indeed adorable. Our second grandson just celebrated his 4th birthday. Sadly, we weren’t able to be there but we sang Happy Birthday to him and watched him blow out his candles via Skype! Ah, the joys of modern technology.