My First Large Scale Display

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Kongo doesn’t reblog many posts but this is a very special one. The monkey discovered Mark several months ago on WordPress and was instantly inspired. His beautiful images of iconic views around San Diego has sent the monkey packing to try to do similar shots all over town. His advice on photography and camera gear is always spot on and Kongo has ended up spending lots of money following his advice. Mark always describes how he makes an image so you can learn a lot as you enjoy the spectacular results. This post is of Mark’s first large scale display at an upscale shopping center in San Diego. As usual, the effect is stunning. I hope you check out Mark’s blog. You will be inspired too!

Mark Shimazu Photography

Mark Shimazu Photography Westfield UTC Mall Large Scale Display

A couple of months back, I was approached by the Director of Marketing at the Westfield UTC regarding licensing one of my photos for a large scale commercial display. Now that the project is complete, I can share the results with you.

The Westfield UTC is an upscale mall located in the University Town Center area adjacent to the University of California in San Diego and the beach enclave of La Jolla. The mall recently underwent a major renovation and art is a major theme. The plans called for a large five panel photo display of scenes in La Jolla and the surrounding coastal areas.

I was initially approached due to the client’s interest in my Scripps Pier image (probably my most popular photo as I have been asked for license of this file on numerous occasions). A Google image search had led the client to my blog. This really…

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