Saint Barbara’s Church: Kutna Hora

Kongo really likes visiting very old churches.  Saint Barbara’s Church in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic really fits the bill.  This fantastic Gothic church is a UNESCO world heritage site and deservedly so.  Santa Barbara is the patron saint of miners and Kutná Hora was the site of extensive silver mines that were under development as early as the 12th century.  This church has everything from unusual statues inside, flying buttresses, exquisite stained glass, and a killer view. Continue reading “Saint Barbara’s Church: Kutna Hora”

Macabre Monkey


Kongo visited the “Bone Church” in Sedlec, Czech Repubulic (near Kutna Hora), a town dating from the 13th century located about two hours outside of Prague (depending on traffic, road construction, and tour guides).

In the 1200s an abbot returned from Jerusalem with a bag of dirt from the Holy Lands and sprinkled a handful on the graveyard at the small chapel of the Queen of All Saints outside the medieval silver mining town of Kutna Hora. This made the cemetery so popular that people from all over central Europe wanted to be buried there. This really was one of those “to die for” places at the top of everyone’s last resting place list.

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