Lines and Curves

Kongo spent the morning in Balboa Park, one of his favorite spots, studying lines and curves. He’s come to appreciate how verticals add tension and horizontals soothe. Check out these images and see what you think.  The image above has strong vertical lines from the palm trees contrasted against the horizontal angles of the building. Advertisements

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines into Patterns

The photo challenge this week is Lines Into Patterns.  The image above has a number of intersecting lines and circles within circles from an old machinery wheel sitting against a clapboard shack in New Mexico.  See more Lines Into Patterns at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Jungle Rules: How to Travel Nicely in Airports

Kongo travels more than 200,000 miles on domestic flights within the USA along with a few passport-stamping expeditions overseas each year.  As a very frequent flier, recurrent car renter, and serial hotel guest he has picked up a few useful tips and pet peeves about navigating airports, airplanes, rental car counters, hotel check-ins, and getting around in strange places.