Lines and Curves

_MG_2007Kongo spent the morning in Balboa Park, one of his favorite spots, studying lines and curves. He’s come to appreciate how verticals add tension and horizontals soothe. Check out these images and see what you think.  The image above has strong vertical lines from the palm trees contrasted against the horizontal angles of the building.

_MG_2010 _MG_2014These flowers show both lines and curves. The vertical lines of the first flower photo contrasted against the same shot from above that emphasizes the curves of the individual petals._MG_2029This image has both lines and curves. It’s a view of La Lagunita in front of the Botanical Building in the Park.

_MG_2037The gentle curves in this image with the sun backlighting the blossoms of these hanging bell flowers are beautiful. Nature is such a show off!

_MG_2042 _MG_2044These two photos emphasize the power of lines. To me the top one is a calming event with the combination of horizontal roof line, arches, and even the vapor trail while the lower image of the Museum of Man framed between palm trees is a bit unsettling.

_MG_2072The covered archways along the Prado are always favorites. Notice the repetition of the arches, the pillars, and even the pools of light on the flooring. Classic design, as Mrs. Kongo would say. (In fact she did say that since the took a similar image for one of her design classes to show the power of repetition.)

_MG_2086This wistful wisteria pergola with a splash of pink in the Alacazar Garden highlights the power of lines in a photograph.  The Museum of Man tower is in the background.

_MG_2117This image of a blooming Bougainvillea bonsai tree in the Japanese Tea Garden has got lines going all over the place. Vertical lines from shadows, the horizontal lines in the bench, and even the bench against the wall all work together to create an interesting pattern.

It’s fascinating to study man-made and natural patterns. Some things work. Others don’t.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


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