Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Blossoms


This week’s travel theme from Ailsa is BLOSSOMS so I’ve included a selection of flowering  blooms from Kongo’s recent trip to Peru and Ecuador.  Above, a flowering tree in the Galapagos Islands. Continue reading “Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Blossoms”

Butterfly Jungle


Kongo got up close and personal with more than 10,000 butterflies at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park when he visited the Butterfly Jungle yesterday.  They flit, flutter, float, flop, and fly about landing on everything including Kongo’s camera, his backpack, and even on his head!  Above a Postman butterfly rests before looking for more nectar. Continue reading “Butterfly Jungle”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge today is PERSPECTIVE.  The first photo shows the La Jolla shore yesterday afternoon with blooming flowers in the foreground and crashing waves against the rocks in the background.  For the second photo I stood up and zoomed in on the rocks to catch the next wave to come crashing in and the effect makes it seems like the surf is much larger surf than it actually is.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  See more perspective images at the Weekly Photo Challenge.   Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective