Fishing Monkey

So the monkey has been through a few adventures in the past couple of months. He finished a backyard remodel, started some additional and very intense training at the Getty Villa, and most recently survived the firestorms in Southern California. His house is safe but he did have to evacuate for a couple of days and that’s another whole story.  But to get into the holiday routine his #1 son had this great idea to go on an overnight fishing trip.  Right, what better way to get in the Thanksgiving and Christmas mood than go fishing? It’s been years and…

Sunset Cliffs

In the Ocean Beach (called OB by the locals) is one of the most beautiful streets in San Diego.  It’s aptly named Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and you can drive along it for a mile or so once you reach the ocean and there are several places to park and enjoy the view. In the late afternoon the cliffs turn a reddish-orange.