Sunset Cliffs

_MG_4748In the Ocean Beach (called OB by the locals) is one of the most beautiful streets in San Diego.  It’s aptly named Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and you can drive along it for a mile or so once you reach the ocean and there are several places to park and enjoy the view. In the late afternoon the cliffs turn a reddish-orange.

Kongo drove along the boulevard late this afternoon before the marine layer killed the light.  The first photo was stopped way down using a couple of neutral gray Conkin filters to get a one second exposure at f22 so the waves crashing on the rocks would have a misty quality to them.

_MG_4671This lone fisherman trying his luck from the edge of the cliff said he’d been there all day and hadn’t caught anything. Hmm.  He was a determined soul so the monkey wished him luck and chatted awhile. He was using little chunks of squid for bait. When asked what he was fishing for he replied, “After 8 hours here I’ll take anything.”


The cliffs are interesting because of all the layers of sediment that are visible as well as the formations carved by thousands of years of crashing waves. Point Loma Boulevard is lined with beautiful custom homes all with fantastic, to-die for views. Some day they will all end up at the bottom of the cliff but not too soon.

When you visit San Diego be sure to take a drive along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard about an hour before sunset.  Just take Interstate 8 West until the freeway stops, stay in the right lane, and follow the boulevard until you get to the ocean. You really can’t miss it.


Travel safe. Have fun.  (This photo of the monkey is for Jo)

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