_MG_4748In the Ocean Beach (called OB by the locals) is one of the most beautiful streets in San Diego.  It’s aptly named Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and you can drive along it for a mile or so once you reach the ocean and there are several places to park and enjoy the view. In the late afternoon the cliffs turn a reddish-orange.




After finishing up the year’s last conference call, the last email, the last spreadsheet review, and while East Coast monkeys were queuing up for a good spot in Times Square, Kongo headed out to Sunset Cliffs in late afternoon to capture the last sunset of 2013.  As the image above suggests, that didn’t work out so well.  But there were other good things before the fog rolled in.  Read on to see.


Clever monkeys will quickly observe that the sunset above is NOT a green flash.  Kongo went in search of this elusive phenomena last evening at the Sunset Cliffs overlook in San Diego.  It was a perfect evening for a green flash.  Dry air, clear horizon, and so forth — all the elements necessary to spot the green flash.  Alas is was not to be and Kongo wasn’t the only one looking for the green flash last night.  There were other weird things about this  photo shoot which just goes to show you that monkey photographers have to be ready for anything.