March to the Sea

This week Kongo marched to the sea.  Literally.  From his house to the ocean is an 8-mile trek through Point Mugu State Park in the Santa Monica mountains.  Now maybe “march to the sea” is a too exuberant an expression. … Continue reading March to the Sea

Just Another Monkey?


So as Kongo heads out the door to the zoo to visit the animals in the late afternoon light Mrs. Kongo says, “You just keep taking the same pictures of the same old monkeys.  Pretty soon they’ll be saying, ‘Hey, Kongo, where have you been?”  The same old monkeys?  This was lost on Kongo who then became determined to avoid his favorite spots on the Monkey Trail.  Coming up from Fern Canyon he did spy this old gal but (for the information of Mrs. Kongo!) this is NOT A MONKEY.  It’s a orangatan.  He did see some other cool animals who seemed more active than they are during the day.  Hippos, koalas at their newly constructed enclosure, and a couple of sexy sagos.  Read on. Continue reading “Just Another Monkey?”

Monkey at the Fair


Kongo made his annual trek to the Del Mar Fair today.  This monkey loves the fair.  He likes the smells, the food, the exhibits, watching the people, and learning about all the things for sale that he never knew he needed before.  The fair is great entertainment all the way around and more fun than a barrel of …hmmm… Monkeys.  Keep reading to see some of Kongo’s favorite fair memories.   Continue reading “Monkey at the Fair”

Monkey Marriage


So don’t get too excited.  Kongo did not scamper off and get married in Las Vegas.  What he did was take Mrs. Kongo on a mid-week getaway to celebrate their 42 years of marital bliss in the jungle and see Celine Dion at Ceasar’s Palace.  Actually they’ve been going steady since the future Mrs. Kongo was sweet sixteen and they met in a Government Class in High School.  Anyway, they’ve been together a long time in monkey years.

Continue reading “Monkey Marriage”