European River Cruise Basics

If you’re of a certain age and watch TV you have seen plenty of commercials about river cruising.  Long boats ply navigable rivers all over Europe.  Some companies are planning cruise itineraries on U.S. rivers too.  Like all travel options there are pros and cons.  This post examines Kongo’s take on river cruising in Europe. Advertisements

AMA Waterways Rhine River Cruise Review

Kongo recently took a river cruise — The Enchanting Rhine — aboard AMAWaterways™ AMASonata from Amsterdam to Zurich.  This trip included a 7-night water cruise with two day land excursions to both Lucerne and Zurich.  If you’re thinking about a river cruise in the near future Kongo hopes you read on.

Frescoes at Stein am Rhein

Of all the charming, enchanting medieval villages Kongo visited this month while in Europe, none match the little Swiss hamlet of Stein am Rhein.  Located in northern Switzerland where the Rhine River empties from Lake Constance this village of 3,000 dates back to Roman times but it really got on the map all the way back in 1007.

AMAWaterways: River Cruise Review

Kongo returned to the USA on Wednesday after a 14-day Danube River cruise aboard the AMA DOLCE, one of the newest ships in the AMAWaterways fleet. This is a review of that trip. If you’ve ever considered taking this type of cruise I hope you continue reading.


On his last day aboard the AMA DOLCE, Kongo visits the German city of Nuremberg in the state of Bavaria. Nuremberg was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing in World War II since it was known as the heart of the Nazi movement, a strategic rail center, and a source of industry for the Nazi war machine. The fountain above, built in 1499, was one of the few original works to survive in the old downtown area and it was completely covered with a protective concrete blast wall.