AMAWaterways: River Cruise Review

Kongo returned to the USA on Wednesday after a 14-day Danube River cruise aboard the AMA DOLCE, one of the newest ships in the AMAWaterways fleet. This is a review of that trip. If you’ve ever considered taking this type of cruise I hope you continue reading.

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On his last day aboard the AMA DOLCE, Kongo visits the German city of Nuremberg in the state of Bavaria. Nuremberg was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing in World War II since it was known as the heart of the Nazi movement, a strategic rail center, and a source of industry for the Nazi war machine. The fountain above, built in 1499, was one of the few original works to survive in the old downtown area and it was completely covered with a protective concrete blast wall. Continue reading “Nuremberg”

Durnstein, Austria

After an overnight sail from Vienna, Kongo arrived in the beautiful and cultural heritage village of Durnstein located in the heart of the Wachau Valley. This region is known for its wine, forests, and famous blue-spired Augustine Abbey Church. In 1192-3 when coming back from a crusade, Richard the Lionheart was captured and held in Kuenringer Castle on the top of the hill over Durnstein. Continue reading “Durnstein, Austria”