Durnstein, Austria

After an overnight sail from Vienna, Kongo arrived in the beautiful and cultural heritage village of Durnstein located in the heart of the Wachau Valley. This region is known for its wine, forests, and famous blue-spired Augustine Abbey Church. In 1192-3 when coming back from a crusade, Richard the Lionheart was captured and held in Kuenringer Castle on the top of the hill over Durnstein.

So, about that opera….

After weeks of expectations, lugging dinner dress halfway around the world, and fretting over a late arriving car to transport Kongo to the Opera House, the travel monkey finally made it to the Vienna opera! He left after the first act….but wait…you must read the rest of the story.

Vienna Day Tour

Kongo has a Sacher Torte and cappuccino at the famous Hotel Sacher across the street from the Vienna State Opera House. The monkey checked out all the Hapsburg residences, palaces, St. Stephens church (this gothic church is over 860 years old). You can’t throw a banana in Vienna without hitting a statue or an outside coffee bar. Lovely place.  Because of the building materials (sandstone) everything is undergoing some form of renovation  all the time. A good employment opportunity here would be as a sandstone cleaner (or tour bus driver).

Bratislava, Slovakia

Kongo arrives in Bratislava the capital of Slovakia for a day of walking around and sightseeing in this ancient city. Like most of this part of the world, Bratislava has seen its share of invasions and foreign armies. It is a beautiful small city on the Danube situated close to the junction of three countries in Central Europe: Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria.

Monkey Aboard

After two days in Budapest, Kongo checks aboard the AMA DOLCE for the seven day cruise up the Danube River to Nuremberg, Germany with many stops along the way. This little monkey quickly made friends with the ship staff and other passengers. He is now the “world famous” Kongo. The following pictures give an overview of the great accommodations aboard the Dolce. In another hour or so he will arrive in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Out and About in Budapest

Today was a out and about day in Budapest for Kongo. He visited Hero’s Square where Hungary honors its national heroes and the site of a massacre of Hungarian students by the Soviets in 1956, the Castle District in Buda, Saint Stephens Basilica, a walk along the Danube embankment, and a lot more. Another beautiful day. The skies in Budapest have a wonderful shade of blue and we learned that Hungary actually invented just about everything and that their trials in the 20th century were the result of “unfortunately being on the losing side.” No matter, it’s still a beautiful…