Resilient is this week’s theme for the WordPress Photo Challenge.  What could be more resilient than Rome’s Coliseum which has withstood earthquakes, wars, empires, and millions of tourists for nearly 2000 years?  Built of concrete and sand, the Coliseum is the largest amphitheater ever built.  Ongoing renovations will keep this resilient relic around for future millenniums to cherish and marvel at. Travel safe.  Have fun. Advertisements

Cooking at the Getty Villa

Kongo headed to the Getty Villa on the Malibu coast on Friday to dine with the gods.  No really.  He attended a culinary workshop titled “Dining with the Gods” based on a real menu that would have been served up at a villa on the shores of the Gulf of Naples early in the first century.  The Getty Villa is inspired by the floor plan of the Villa dei Papyri owned by Lucius Calpurnius Pico Caesoninus.  Getty’s villa was built to house Mr. Getty’s extensive collections of ancient Roman artifacts.  The original villa, now partially excavated by archeologists, sat about halfway…

A Day in Rome

And then there was Rome.  Of all the places Kongo visited during his European trip last month, Rome was the city most anticipated.  Kongo always felt that if you haven’t been to Rome then you really haven’t been to Europe.  Not that other great cities on the continent he’d visited weren’t grand.  London, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Budapest.  Even Moscow.  But Rome?  Well, Rome is Rome.