Fashionista Crane


After spending some time with the Sumatran Tigers yesterday, Kongo found this East African Crowned Crane at San Diego’s Safari Park.  This bird was all decked out for the holidays with an impressive crown, Christmas red wattle, and a fuzzy little beret that seemed to come straight from 5th Avenue.

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Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Inviting


This inviting spot at San Diego’s Safari Park is located in the World Gardens section of the zoo.  It’s far away from the crowds and tourist monkeys scampering all over the more popular attractions and Kongo likes to sit on a little bench under a big pine tree there and listen to the birds.  He thinks this is a good image to add to Ailsa’s “Inviting” travel theme this week.

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Lunch With Giraffes


Kongo was hanging out at an overlook at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park about noon today munching on a soft, salted pretzel and drinking bottled water when several giraffes came up to eat with him.  These tall guys were just about 20 yards from Kongo’s perch and gave him plenty of opportunities to see how quickly giraffes can go through a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves.   Continue reading “Lunch With Giraffes”