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Cool Cacti

The color GREEN. Cactus at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

IMG_2701 IMG_2671 IMG_2672 IMG_2706 IMG_2674 IMG_2708 IMG_2676 IMG_2710 IMG_2681 IMG_2712 IMG_2688 IMG_2713 IMG_2693 IMG_2715 IMG_2697 IMG_2720These pictures were taken this afternoon at the San Diego Safari Park in Escondido along the Baja Trail section.  Mostly cactus plants with a few succulents and blooming Agave thrown in for good measure.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


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Kongo is a traveling monkey owned by a nice man who has a soft spot for simians. Follow Kongo at and on Twitter @kongomonkey

3 Comments on Cool Cacti

  1. These are cool…I love cactus plants; they are lovely.


    • Hi, Gwennie and thanks for visiting. I like your approach to life as you described it in your blog and FYI, Kongo ALWAYS listens to his life. Kongo is a bird lover too but never would put them in a cage!


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