Bienviendos El Galeón


The Spanish tall ship, El Galeón, docked in downtown Jacksonville today as part of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Florida by Spanish explorers.  The exact replica of a 16th century sailing galleon navigated the St. John’s River and pulled up in front of the Hyatt Hotel.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

  This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Carefree.  These lucky souls aboard this sailboat moving slowly off the coast of La Jolla last evening certainly fit somewhere into the carefree category.  See more carefree images at the Weekly Photo Challenge. Shot with a neutral density gray filter.  135mm | f32 | ISO 100 | 0.4 Seconds | Canon 7D |   Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Monkeys on the Bay


Kongo was able to mix business with pleasure this week on the Chesapeake Bay.  The little monkey flew to Washington Tuesday for a meeting in Annapolis, Maryland on Wednesday.  What fun to meet on a boat to discuss new business opportunities and long term strategy then get underway for a three hour sail on the bay.  In the photo above Kongo sails beneath the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  When he got home today he had lunch with Mrs. Kongo on a restaurant on the San Diego Bay.  This is the way monkey business should be conducted! Continue reading “Monkeys on the Bay”

A Short Sail on the River Charles

A few years ago I was visiting my youngest son and his bride in Boston where they were both working on advanced degrees.  As (almost) starving graduate students they found a lot of fun, free things to do in their great city.  One of them was sailing for free on the River Charles through their school’s yacht club.

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