Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Orange



Kongo takes up another Photo Challenge and throws his monkey hat into the ring with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. He’s admired many of the entries from blogs he follows over the past several weeks and final decided to get in on the fun. The image above is a koi in the gardens at the Temple of Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas.  See more of Kongo’s orange images by continuing to read.  See more entries in Cee’s challenge at her blog.

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What were we thinking?


Kongo leaves America’s finest city yesterday morning under crystal clear skies and warm temperatures.  Mrs.Kongo reports it was 80-something at the tree house yesterday when she came back from the gym.  But now Kongo is headed east into the jaws of yet another POLAR VORTEX on the East Coast.  What was he thinking?  The trip was not without adventure.

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Salton Sea Birds


Today Kongo embarked upon a trip around the Salton Sea to look for birds and anything else that might be there.  It’s migration season and the monkey wasn’t disappointed.  It turns out that the Salton Sea is a major layover on the Pacific Flyway for annual bird migrations and has the most diverse bird population on the West Coast with over 400 identified species throughout the year. Continue reading “Salton Sea Birds”