Irish Spring in Southern California

So it’s been raining in Southern California.  Maybe you heard about it.  Rain in Southern California is sort of a rare thing, particularly in the past several years.  But not this year.  During the latest rainstorm over the past weekend … Continue reading Irish Spring in Southern California


Above a Chumash ap is partially recreated at the Satwiwa Native American Culture Center in the Santa Monica Mountains north of Los Angeles near Point Mugu. “Satwiwa” means the bluffs in the Chumash language and is situated near the base of the high cliffs on nearby Bony Mountain. The entire area in what is now the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area was once home to the Chumash, Tongva, and Gabrielno cultures. These peaceful and highly intelligent tribes lived along the central and Southern California coastal regions. The traditional home was about 15 feet in diameter and framed by Willow trees with walls of woven grasses, skins, and rushes. Continue reading “Satwiwa”