Magical Marrakech: Morocco Travel

Mysterious medinas, magnificent mosques, palaces and squalor, snake charmers and water men.  Marrakech is a magical place that blends incredible sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. It’s sensory overload for western monkeys like Kongo. You have to go there. The monkey … Continue reading Magical Marrakech: Morocco Travel

Secret Passages of Paris


Monkeys love secrets and scattered about Paris in the 1st and 2nd Arrondissements are nearly two dozen hidden passageways that seem to escape the crush of tourists in the shops along Rue de Rivoli.  These passages were the shopping malls of the 18th and 19th century and at one time there were more than 150 of them in Paris.  The ones that remain today have been restored to their original glory and offer a glimpse into the past and the promise of hidden secrets and spirits of those Parisians who walked these wonderful places hundreds of years ago. Mrs. Kongo and the monkey were guided through these secret places where (relatively) few tourists venture by a lovely young lady and student of history named Erell Bernard.  Read on for a glimpse into the past. Continue reading “Secret Passages of Paris”

Window Shopping in Paris


Kongo isn’t really a shopper.  Mrs. Kongo, on the other hand, has honed this skill to a fine art but even she was a bit overwhelmed with the shopping opportunities and wide variety of things designed to dazzle and tempt even those that have everything.  While walking around one day, Kongo snapped some photos of some of the fun things available on the streets of Paris. Continue reading “Window Shopping in Paris”