Original LA Farmers Market

Old and new come together in West Hollywood at the Los Angeles Farmers Market.  Now there are lots of farmers markets in LA.  Dozens.  But this is the ORIGINAL farmers market that started up in 1934 when a handful of local growers backed their pick up trucks at the corner of 3rd and Fairfax and started selling their produce.  The concept really took off and in a few months people were building stalls and restaurants at the site and it quickly became an institution.

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Today the market is next to the modern and hugely popular and upscale The Grove outdoor shopping mall so it’s easy to go from fruit stalls to high end department stores.  And here’s a hint:  Don’t eat before you go to the market.  There are dozens of food stalls ranging from gourmet French with white tablecloths to stand up taco spots where you can get shots of tequila to go with your Mexican food.

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The food and produce sold at the market is local and fresh.  There are a couple of butchers, some pastry shops, some nut houses (this is LA), candy stores, and souvenir stands for those who take a tour bus to the market.

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After you’ve had your fill of the market, wander on over to The Grove next door.  The Grove is sort of like a Disneyland shopping center that looks like Main Street in an idealized town somewhere between London, England and Des Moines.  There’s a trolley that runs a few hundred yards on tracks set into the brick streets.  When Kongo visited they were getting ready for Chinese New Year.  This year it’s the Year of the Dog and guess who some famous dogs are:  President Trump, Madonna, and Mother Theresa.  (Kongo would love to see that trio at a dinner table!)

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It’s a very LA kind of place even with all the tourists.  Kongo had a Bloody Mary (It was just pas noon) at an outdoor bar and watched the world go by.

The market and The Grove are a great way to spend an afternoon in LA.  Both are open seven days a week and be prepared to pay for parking but some stores will validate.

Travel safe.  Have fun!

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