Morocco Travel: Sunrise in the Sahara

“Can you hear the silence?” one of Kongo’s group asked as we gathered before dawn to mount camels and ride to a vantage point to see the sun rise.  You CAN hear the silence in the Sahara.  It’s deafening.  And the stars are like being at sea far from land.  Billions and billions of stars that seem close enough to touch.  It was one of those moments you will remember forever. The day before we raced the sun and the sun won. Life happens like that sometimes. We were attempting to make it to our desert encampment in the Sahara…

¡Buenos dias! Cancun

So the monkey gets up at the crack of dawn today to capture some shots of the sunrise over the  Gulf of Mexico from his hotel balcony in Cancun.  Tropical sunrises are always a favorite pastime and he wasn’t disappointed this morning even though Mrs. Kongo did make some protesting noises when Kongo started rooting around for his tripod at 5:30 A.M.  Actually sunrises look pretty much exactly like sunsets except, in Kongo’s opinion, the light is a bit softer and there are a lot fewer people out and about.

Seattle Sunrise

Kongo was in Seattle yesterday and is now flying back to San Diego to eventually rendezvous with some grand girls on Thanksgiving in Los Angeles  The sunrise behind Mt. Rainier today was absolutely was worth the price of the entire trip.  Visibility on the ground was nil…maybe 1000 feet.  Instrument take off shortly before 7 AM.  When the plane popped through the low cloud layer it was like, WOW, OMG, LOOK AT THAT!  OOHH, AHHH!  The entire plane tilted to the port side as everyone leaned over to get pictures of this spectacular sunrise.  This moment was another validation to…

East Coast Sunrise

Kongo is on the East Coast this week and snapped this sunrise with his iPhone.  Unusually good weather here for February and it will be in the 60s today and tomorrow.  Of course, Kongo is well aware of the old adage:  Red morning, sailors take warning.  Red sky at night, sailors delight.  This was actually more of a purple sky but it was beautiful.