¡Buenos dias! Cancun


So the monkey gets up at the crack of dawn today to capture some shots of the sunrise over the  Gulf of Mexico from his hotel balcony in Cancun.  Tropical sunrises are always a favorite pastime and he wasn’t disappointed this morning even though Mrs. Kongo did make some protesting noises when Kongo started rooting around for his tripod at 5:30 A.M.  Actually sunrises look pretty much exactly like sunsets except, in Kongo’s opinion, the light is a bit softer and there are a lot fewer people out and about.

After catching this image, the monkey roamed around (pretty much alone except for some other very early risers) to catch some shots of the pool complex and beach.

_DM31228 _DM31215 _DM31199 _DM31304


The little monkey is unwinding after a couple of months of hectic work but he’s not just laying by the pool all day.  He’s got trips planned to Chichen Itza, a day of swimming with the dolphins, golf, a spa day, a trip to see some centotes, a tequila factory, and something else that he can’t recall at the moment since this resort is all-inclusive and that includes the drinks at the bar.  Kongo is at the Moon Palace Resort and he’s been here several times before but it’s a great place so he keeps coming back.

Oh yeah, tonight is the romantic dinner on the beach where Kongo gets surf and turf to help celebrate Mrs. Kongo’s birthday!

Travel safe.  Have fun.  Hasta luego.

17 thoughts on “¡Buenos dias! Cancun

  1. Beautiful pictures! 😀 Waking up early in the morning can be brutal but it’s one of the best times for photography! Many greetings from Vienna and happy birthday to Mrs. Kongo! 😀 Have a great celebration!

  2. Beautiful morning photos from the monkey. You’re such an early bird, Kongo. Or should I say early monkey 🙂 Hope you do have a relaxing time, much deserved after working so hard. Tequila factory? Okay, Kongo. Just don’t have too much fun and find yourself on the floor 😉