Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Path.  Above a pier path leads into the ocean at a resort in Cancun, Mexico.  See more end of year paths at the Challenge Website. If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.  — Barack Obama Travel safe.  Have fun. Advertisements

Mayan Monkey (Updated)

Kongo made it to Chichén Itzá yesterday on a 10-hour adventure that involved excursions into Mayan culture, home remedies, thunderstorms, and a discourse in the Mayan language complete with lectures on the alphabet and a bit of the linguistic background of the Maya language. Erik Martinez, a cultural anthropologist and Kongo’s tour guide, was the adventure master for this excursion.

¡Buenos dias! Cancun

So the monkey gets up at the crack of dawn today to capture some shots of the sunrise over the  Gulf of Mexico from his hotel balcony in Cancun.  Tropical sunrises are always a favorite pastime and he wasn’t disappointed this morning even though Mrs. Kongo did make some protesting noises when Kongo started rooting around for his tripod at 5:30 A.M.  Actually sunrises look pretty much exactly like sunsets except, in Kongo’s opinion, the light is a bit softer and there are a lot fewer people out and about.


Tulum is a magical place.  Situated atop high bluffs on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula facing the Caribbean Sea, it played an important role as a port for the large Mayan city complex at Coba.  When the Spanish explorer Juan de Grijalva first sighted Tulum in 1518 he would have been astonished by the vibrant blue and red hues that covered its walls. Tulum was one of the last Mayan cities and flourished for 200 years before the Spanish and survived about 70 years after the conquest of Yucatan.