Shoot the Eyes


If you want compelling wildlife images you have to shoot for the eyes.  In almost every wildlife photo Kongo can imagine, the eyes of the animal become the central focus.  So, braving a blazing hot Sunday afternoon today, the monkey visited the San Diego Zoo Safari  Park in Escondido and shot the eyes out of this series of wildlife.  Above, an Ibis gives the monkey the eye. Continue reading “Shoot the Eyes”

Waiting for Egrets

IMG_1945This idyllic little stretch of water just above the Old Mission Dam in San Diego is a perfect place for Snowy Egrets.  Kongo has seen many of them here and they rank way up there in the monkey’s list of favorite birds.  The only thing missing is the bird.  Kongo made a trip to this spot near his house in the late afternoon to catch the light and find an Egret.  Or a Great Heron which he’s also spotted here before.  Not today.  He waited until the parking lot gate was about to close and packed it in.  Cocktail hour was calling.  He did see other things and had pleasant time.  Read on to learn about it. Continue reading “Waiting for Egrets”

Goose Walk

Kongo is in New Jersey for some monkey business and got caught this morning by a flock of Canadian Geese that decided to cross a busy road in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Everyone slammed on their brakes and watched this feathered family take their time crossing the road.  Which, naturally begs the proverbial question:  Why did the goose cross the road? Travel safe.  Have fun. Continue reading Goose Walk