Swamp Monkey

There’s nothing quite like a great swamp. Luckily, there’s a very swampy swamp only  few minutes from Kongo’s son’s house in Tampa, Florida named Lettuce Lake.  It’s named for the lettuce looking plants that grow all over the shallow waters. Giant cypress trees line the water and help support abundant wildlife that ranges from stink bugs to tropical birds to alligators. Now Kongo didn’t see any gators on this visit but he saw plenty of other wildlife. At Lettuce Lake there is a long boardwalk elevated above the swamp so visitors can explore in relative safety and not worry about…

La Brea Tar Pits

Right in the middle of Los Angeles’ “Miracle Mile” lies one of the oldest sites in North America.  It’s full of ferocious animals along with baby strollers, grandparents, and sunbathers.  It’s the La Brea Tar Pits. Tens of thousands of years ago naturally occurring tar — also called bitumen — seeped from the earth in the Los Angeles basin.  Dust and leaves would cover the tar and unsuspecting prehistoric animals would wander in and that was the end of that.  There are literally thousands of skeletons of animals from a different age laying around Los Angeles and more are discovered…


This week’s Photo Challenge at WordPress is Chaos.  Here hundreds of blue-footed boobies and pelicans attack a bait ball in the Galapagos Islands.  There birds were diving constantly, splashing, screeching, and gorging.  Pelicans got so full of fish they were unable to take off again. See more depictions of CHAOS at the WordPress challenge site. Travel safe.  Have fun.

Shoot the Eyes

If you want compelling wildlife images you have to shoot for the eyes.  In almost every wildlife photo Kongo can imagine, the eyes of the animal become the central focus.  So, braving a blazing hot Sunday afternoon today, the monkey visited the San Diego Zoo Safari  Park in Escondido and shot the eyes out of this series of wildlife.  Above, an Ibis gives the monkey the eye.

Waiting for Egrets

This idyllic little stretch of water just above the Old Mission Dam in San Diego is a perfect place for Snowy Egrets.  Kongo has seen many of them here and they rank way up there in the monkey’s list of favorite birds.  The only thing missing is the bird.  Kongo made a trip to this spot near his house in the late afternoon to catch the light and find an Egret.  Or a Great Heron which he’s also spotted here before.  Not today.  He waited until the parking lot gate was about to close and packed it in.  Cocktail hour…