Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

The image of the World Trade Center is Kongo’s take on this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  I like the way the sky reflects on the glass of this monumental building.  See more monuments at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

9-11 Memorial


Last week Kongo visited the 9-11 Memorial at Ground Zero in New York City.  Even after all these years it is difficult for anyone who lived through those dark days in September 2001 to view this site without a great deal of emotion.  Words and pictures do not adequately convey the feelings this place evokes.  Kongo lost friends and colleagues at the World Trade Center sites and at the Pentagon.  Finding their names at the memorial, running your fingers across them, and listening to the waters helps bring closure but it is something that we will never forget.  Nor forgive. Continue reading “9-11 Memorial”