What’s in Kongo’s bag?

Like any savvy traveling monkey, Kongo never leaves home without certain amenities.

First, last and always it’s the bag. Kongo never checks a bag so having the right roll-aboard is critical to a stress free trip. Kongo uses a Coach bag he stole from Mrs. Kongo years ago. It has a LOT of miles on it but recently had new wheels installed after blowing a tire at IAD where emergency roadwork was required. The leather front looks good and holds up to a lot of wear. It also has a great pocket flap for stashing those liquids in the quart bag, extra bananas, extension cords, newspapers, and an electric razor for those redeye flights. The front flap is also perfect for Kongo since he likes to see what is going on when he runs through airports. Unlike most monkey’s, Kongo is an experienced packer and can get two weeks worth of clothes in a single roll aboard! (with a little help from the hotel laundry)

Electronics: Like all well-connected monkeys, Kongo never leaves home without his laptop, I-phone (for taking travel pics and keeping in touch) an I-Pad (for reading and playing his favorite game (Words With Friends…user name Kongo123), Blackberry, Bose earphones and an air card for when he’s working in his secondary office in a Sky Club at the Atlanta airport.

Music: Kongo is a big Moby fan and always listens in while in using Pandora radio while in the air via GoGo or when traveling through airports.

Traveling clothes: Kongo always wears slip on shoes to speed his way through airport security and a durable sports coat that resists wrinkles because you never know what new monkeys you might meet on a plane!  Plus, looking good in the airport sometimes gets you perks.  Check it out here.

Fly Safe!

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