Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

A young tuba player’s image is reflected in his instrument.  See more refractions at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Boston Baby Scramble


Yesterday was just one of those days where nothing turned out the way you thought it would.  Kongo was up before the crack of dawn in Jacksonville to pack for an early flight back to the West Coast.  About 10 minutes before boarding his 45-minute flight to ATL where he had a short connection to catch the SAN flight the monkey gets a cryptic text from his youngest wondering if the monkey might be up for a quick trip to Boston.  Huh?  Today?  The Kongos knew that granddaughter number three (#1 for the youngest) was actually due yesterday but there had been no warnings and well, you know what they say about first babies being late and everything.  The original plan, hashed out laboriously (pun intended) with Mrs. Kongo, the Virginia grandparents, and the expectant parents was that the Virginia grandparents would head north when their daughter went into labor and the Kongos would book tickets to arrive a week or so later so as not to overwhelm the new parents.  That plan didn’t work out.

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Shout Out to Saint Patrick

Kongo goes whimsical when he considers his youngest. Patrick. Having a mother and grandmother with Patricia in their names, he was always going to be Patrick. He was christened on St. Patrick’s day. He lives in Boston. He studied a year abroad in Cork. He’s about as Irish as a English-Portuguese mix can be. He can speak Gaelic, Greek, French, Old English, Latin, and Kinandae (a Bantu language in Central Africa), and oh yeah, English.  He’s a world class cellist, a brilliant writer, and not a half-bad Scrabble player. He’s the most moral and ethical man I know. And, he’s … Continue reading Shout Out to Saint Patrick

Hiding in Plain Sight


While Kongo was getting snowed in on the East Coast and dueling the never-ending polar vortex events in Southern New Jersey things were Springtime busy in Southern California. For the last week or so Mrs. Kongo has been texting about a hummingbird that was building a nest in the camellia bush in the covered entrance just outside the front door.  Kongo got to see the new arrival this morning.  Continue reading “Hiding in Plain Sight”