Cheap and Fun Things To Do In San Diego

Kongo’s home town, San Diego, is a major, year round tourist attraction many reasons.  First, there’s the weather which is pretty much recognized as the most perfect in the country.  On the day after Christmas, for example, it was 75 degrees with a crystal clear sky and low humidity.  While the nights are cool the days this time of year are spectacular.

Then there are all the world class attractions that are easy to get to.  While sailing, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Legoland, Old Town, and the Gas Lamp district are always big draws, they can be expensive.  Very expensive.

Despite the many attractions that charge a boatload of bananas to get in to, there are plenty of places where you can go and enjoy the city and the sights and not spend any money at all.  One of these is Sea Port Village.  No, don’t make any mistakes, this too can be expensive (like a $300,000 7-foot tall bronze giraffe) you can have a great time just walking around, watching people, soaking up sunshine, and chasing grandkids.

The $300K giraffe. How much?
Great views of San Diego Bay

Lots of cool gift ideas

Plenty of new friends
Plenty of cool shops
Plenty of cool shops

Next time you have a few hours on your hands and not a lot of money in your pocket, check out Sea Port Village on San Diego Bay.  Next door to the Hyatt.

Travel safe!

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