San Francisco Skylines

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend in San Francisco. Now, as Kongo pecks away at his iPad at 35,000 feet on the way to MSP with Moby in his earphones the memories still linger. Kongo grew up in the Bay Area and comes back to visit two or thee times each year. All visits are great but the crystal clear weather, the warm days, and the ever beautiful San Francisco light was something special.

To those who really know and love the City it is always called San Francisco. Never ‘Cisco, Frisco, or San Fran. It’s a lady. It’s always San Francisco. When you are in the Bay Area and someone asks you where you are staying, you can respond with, “The City.”. There’s really nothing else. While Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, and others have their charms, there is only one “The City.”

Is that a bit of snobbery? Absolutely.

Enjoy. Travel safe. Have fun.











7 thoughts on “San Francisco Skylines

  1. I love to take BART into The City when I am in the area…walk around taking in all the sites. I especially love to visit the Ferry Building and can never resist bread from Acme Bakery.