Bottoms Up!

Kongo went for a hike today in the Mission Trails Park.  Spring is just starting to begin in San Diego and many of the plants are starting to open up.  The Mission Trails Park is a great place because it has all native habitat.  The ducks are in the San Diego River near its headwaters in Mission Trails Park.  Besides the ducks Kongo spotted several hawks, a falcon, and even a bobcat.  None of these predators stuck around long enough for Kongo to get a good picture but they were fun to watch.

4 thoughts on “Bottoms Up!

    1. God, I hope so. I’m about to engage a professional for an 8-hour session because I think I am missing something. Too many of my photos seem just ….well, you know, another photo. I want to move from taking pictures to making something else.

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