Kongo Gets Wings

Flying from Atlanta to San Diego yesterday Kongo was awarded Delta wings from one his favorite flight attendants, Marsha, and he is now one proud little monkey.  Kongo and Marsha have been flying together between SAN and ATL for many years now.  To make it all even better, Eva, another fantastic Delta flight attendant, was also on board.  (Kongo and Eva sometimes run into each other at Cosco).  On a long flight — this one was five hours with 150 MPH headwinds — it doesn’t get any better than to fly with a cabin crew consisting of these two ladies.

When you fly as much as Kongo you have to pick an airline and stick with it.  (See an earlier post about How To Score An Upgrade).  Delta is Kongo’s airline and a cabin crew with the likes of Marsha and Eva make choosing this carrier a no-brainer.

Kongo and Marsha get close to each other somewhere over Texas

Marsha has tracked down Kongo’s left behind Blackberry, oohs and ahas over pictures of grandchildren, chats Mrs. Kongo up on flights back from the UK, and always has a kind word for everyone in the cabin.  She goes the extra mile (literally hundreds of extra miles) to ensure her charges have a safe and enjoyable experience in the air.  It is professionals like Marsha and Eva that make Delta such a great airline.  As the purser for most of her flights, Kongo has noticed that Marsha always remembers a name and it’s not uncommon to have her introduce you to your seat mates and tell you nice stories about them.

Who knows, maybe Kongo will make it to the cockpit soon!  It’s so much better than flying in the overhead bin.

Next time you’re going between SAN and ATL be sure to tell the reservations desk to “put me on the flight with Marsha!”

On Monday, Kongo is up in the air again heading back to the East Coast by way of Atlanta.  Keep an eye out for him.  He’ll be the monkey with the shiny new wings.

Travel safe.  Have fun.