Disneyland Day One

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Alissa arrives at Disneyland SO READY to get started. Decked out in her Minnie outfit with Mickey under her arm, she is literally bubbling over with anticipation!


Kongo tucks himself into Dumbo’s hat for a quick photo op in Fantasyland.


Safe with Dad, Birthday Girl studies dangerous hippos on the Jungle Cruise.


Lots of action in the swirling Teacups!

First day ride list: Tarzan’s Tree House, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Merry-go-round, Flying Dumbo, Teacups, Disneyland Castle. Also had some Mickey and Minnie sightings and dinner at the Blue Bayou. Oh and the ART shuttle bus to and from the hotel.



Travel safe. have fun!


  1. Big hugs and kisses and Happy Birthday to the sweetest 3 year old on the planet. Tell Alissa that her dress is pretty POOFY so just beware of that crazy ole GOOFY!!!!


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