Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Three full days at Disneyland to celebrate Granddaughter Alissa’s third birthday.  Plenty of sun, fireworks, lots of rides, princes and princesses, walking, Disney characters, and crowds.  Watching Alissa and her big sister Sienna (4) experience the Magic Kingdom for the first time was a great treat.  The following photos cover the highlights.

Meeting Ariel in person was a major highlight! Kongo is one happy little monkey!
Alissa begins the transformation

Wow...who am I now?

Ariel with a cat face
Kongo gets instructions on how to behave when he meets the princess


Overheard when the princess spots Kongo's wings: "That's a cute little guy. Is he a pilot?"
Alissa responds: "No, he's a monkey."
Two-stepping with Jasmine

Minnie meets Minnie

Marry Poppins
Photo op with Mickey at breakfast
Pluto say Hi at breakfast
Am I a real boy now?

Overall favorite ride:  It’s a small world.  Favorite character:  All of them!

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